What Why and How?

With the global financial landscape evolving, the future is all about ideas, technologies and collaboration. Our mission is to drive innovation and access to market by combining the New Ideas and the Proven Legacies.

With our pool of experienced banker, consultant and software developer, we embrace new ideas and startups to go to market in a professional approach including access to finance or up to capital injection.

We also associate the Proven Legacies i.e. the renowned financial solution partners with our experts and professionals to deliver excellence to our clients.

On the other hand, financial institutions want to build relationships and keep a finger on the pulse of innovation and new ideas to better serve their customer base, especially the millennial. Our FiNTECH publications, regular workshops and round tables are here to help them work out their own paths forward.

Our Expoert Team

Meet Our Attorneys

Rhea McKean
Senior Attorney
Julie McGill
Family Lawyer
Kevin McJean
Corporate Lawyer